Sambung Nyawa

About Sambung Nyawa

Sambung Nyawa is an annual plant type that abundantly used in Southeast Asia countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. However it is originated from Myanmar and China. Sambung Nyawa has a scientific name called Gynura Sarmentosa DC, Calacia Procumbens Lour and belongs to Asteraceae family.

The word ‘Sambung Nyawa’ means 'Continuation of Life' name given to this plant due to its medicinal properties such as an antipyretic, anti-inflammation and the leaves contiuents is also widely used for or as a skin care elixir. Other common names are Dawn Dewa, Daun Dewa (Sumatera), Leaves of the God, Mollucan Spinach, Akar Sebiak, Bai Bing Cao, Kelamai Merah, Ngokilo (Jawa/Java), Googoolipid, and San Qi Cao (China).

It can live with the height of 1 until 500 meters from the sea levels. It easily breeds through stem and easily grows in shady area, with 40-50% rate of light intensity, around 5.5-7 pH level, air temperature between 20-30 °C and has medium humidity with annual rain fall between 1500-2500mm.

This plant grows vertically, or sometimes the edge collapses and comes out root, wet stem, branches, and purplish in color. It can reach 6 meters height and pleasant smell. Single leaf, quite thick, easily brake, has branches. The leaf is egg rounded shape, the edge is end and base pointed, serrated edge, bone fining, colored light green. The flower is orange yellow, however, it rarely flowering.

Active Ingredients

Chemical contents of Sambung Nyawa leaf are flavonoid (7, 3, 4 trihidroksi-flavon), glycoside kuersetin, fenoleat acid (from kafeat acid, penta kumarat, penta-hidroksi benzoate and vanilat acid) triterpenoid (steroid), alkaloid, saponin, tannin, and antineoplastic substances.

Health Benefits

Sambung Nyawa can reduce the cholesterol rate and decrease the high blood pressure. In Malaysia it also used to cure constipation, diabetes and cancer. It also used to treat kidney problems.

This plant is cold and neutral. The benefits are antineoplastic, lower body heat, cure lymph disease, kidney disease, skin disease, decrease the blood pressure, lower the blood glucose, antimicrobial, anticarsinogenic, sitotoxic towards cancer cells, hypertensive, stroke, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, disruption toss, fed up vocal cord, fed up scruff, cough and sinusitis. This plant stem commonly used to relieve fever.

It is also used in medication for kidney failure, dysentery, and throat infection. Besides that, it can be used to stop the bleeding, overcome menstrual cycle problems, improve the kidney function and counter insomnia. The corm is used to remove hematoma, swelling and brake bone.

Processing Step

1) The Sambung Nyawa leaves are harvested from the plant
2) The collected leaves are washed with clean water
3) Dry under the sunlight and oven dried to release the moisture
4) The dried Sambung Nyawa leaves are then packaged and ready for consumption

Product Characteristics

Part of Plants used : Leaves
Appearance : Dried leaves
Color : Brown
Odor : Characteristic
Taste : Madly Bitter
Packaging : Box

Cooking Method & Dosage

A. Original Taste:
The original taste for Sambung Nyawa drink is extremely bitter. That is why many people prefer to consume in the form of capsules.
B. Possible Mixture with Other Herbs and Ingredients:
The herbs can be mixed with Sambung Nyawa are Sirih Merah (Piper Crocatum) and Temu Putih (Curcuma Zedoaria) by blending them together. Another is turmeric and Kayu Secang (Caesalpinia Sappan).
C. Cooking Method & Dosage:
1) Take 5 pieces of dried Sambung Nyawa leaves and put in a cup.
2) Pour 200 ml freshly boiled water into the cup.
3) Cover the cup and allow the Sambung Nyawa leaves to steep for about 5 minutes.
4) Remove the leaves and drink the juice like tea consumption.

The juice (Tea) may be blended with honey or sugar to balance off the bitter taste of Sambung Nyawa.

Sambung Nyawa is also can be consumed as a capsule. For prevent the disease, consume 1 capsule per day (400 mg per each) after meal. For cure the disease, consume 2 capsules per day.

Traditional & Modern Consumption

Sambung nyawa can cure many diseases. In Malaysia, it is often eaten raw with rice. For cure the disease like ulcer, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood preasure, tumor, sinusitis, hemorrhoid and lever disease, Sambung Nyawa leaves can be directly consumed or can be consumed as a juice.

To deflate the swollen, just get rub of Sambung Nyawa directly to the swollen until the sap come out. To overcome snake bite or insect, pound Sambung Nyawa leaves and stem, turmeric, and any other ingredients, then stick to wound and bandaged with clean water. Today, Sambung Nyawa is also available in form of capsules.

Safety Precaution

1. Sambung Nyawa is a natural herb. It is safe to be consumed without side effect.
2. Pregnant women and individuals with special health conditions and under medication should consult their physician before consuming.
3. Different individuals will have different sensitivity levels to medication. Begin with the lowest dosage and increase gradually.
4. If any negative side effects are experienced with an herb, discontinue use.

Side Effects

It can lower the blood pressure if taking too much.

Storage Requirement

Keep at cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight. Avoid reach of children.

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